Friday, January 3, 2014


Avid Airmen of Airship 27 E-Blast #19

We have 510 Twitter followers now, and 28 folk who receive our e-blasts! We a tweet is retweeted, we reach as many as 11,000 with Airship 27 news.

So what about Airship 27 Productions in 2014 you ask? Well never fear, we have some truly amazing anthologies and novels headed your way this year. Amongst these are our second Captain Action book, HEARTS OF THE RISING SUN by Jim Beard, its a sequel to RIDDLE OF THE GLOWING MEN (above) and you won't want to miss it. We've got tons of great new anthologies as well featuring such classic pulp heroes as THE GREEN GHOST, THE PURPLE SCAR and DOMINO LADY to name a few.

Last year we released our second SINBAD - THE NEW VOYAGES anthology (see above) and while we are hard at work on a third such collection, before that sees print we will be publishing our first full length Sinbad novel (SINBAD & THE WARRIORS OF FOREVER) written by C.B. Harvey and its a classic fantasy adventure that will blow you away. Again just a small sampling of the books we have coming your way.

And books won't be our only offerings in 2014. We've three new Brother Bones short audio presentations on the way (like the one above) to include the popular GORILLA DREAMS. Like the first four we produced, these will also be ready by the super talented Mark Kalita. Our second Captain Hazzard audio book, CITADEL OF FEAR is also in production and should soon be available in another month or so.

Like we said, there's no keeping the old Airship 27 down. It is going to be a truly awesome year with lots of fun projects and products. So stay tuned.

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