Sunday, November 24, 2013


"CAPTAIN ACTION - Hearts of the Rising Sun" will soon be going into production.  Again chronicled by writer Jim Beard, it will feature interior illustrations by our Art Director Rob Davis and a painted cover by Michael Youngblood.

Michael did the cover to this year's MARS McCOY Space Ranger Vol II.  Working in tandem, Rob did up this rough thumbnail from which Michael will do the final full color cover which should be amazing.

Stay tuned.
Captain Ron

Saturday, November 23, 2013


As Art Director Rob Davis reported today on our Facebook page, our next and final title of the year will be - SHERLOCK HOLMES Consulting Detective Vol V - Here's a sneak peek at the back cover.  Expect the book to be out by mid-December. Sort of our early Christmas gift to all you Loyal Airmen.

Captain Ron

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Things have been hopping at Hangar 27 HQ and we thought it was time to give you Loyal Airmen another art sneak-peek.
This time we wanted to showcase one of the twelve amazing interior illustrations being done by Scott "Doc" Vaughn for - LANCE STAR - SKY RANGER Vol IV which should be out early next year.

Doc is the co-creator of the highly popular webstrip, WARBIRDS OF MARS, which is also a comic and best selling New Pulp anthology.

Enjoy, Captain Ron

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Michael Vance's collection of creepy yarns just picked up another 5 star review over at Amazon.


Do yourselves a favor and check it out.
Captain Ron

Monday, November 11, 2013

BROTHER BONES - Six Days of the Dragon

Ron Fortier's darkest creation returns!
When the souls of the innocent cry for justice,
One man hears their call:
Brother Bones
The Undead Avenger

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of the first ever, full length Brother Bones novel, SIX DAYS OF THE DRAGON, by Roman Leary.

He stalks the streets of Cape Noire, waging a never-ending war against the forces of darkness.
Bones has never met a foe he could not defeat, but now he faces an enemy unlike any he has ever known. With only a motley crew of unlikely allies – and his silver-plated twin .45s – Bones must stop an ancient evil that threatens not only Cape Noire, but the entire world.

Created by writer/editor, Ron Fortier nearly a decade ago, the Undead Avenger has appeared in over a half dozen pulp shorts collected in a previous volume; several comic book adventures and in audio recordings.  Since his inception, he has become one of the most popular heroes of the New Pulp movement.  Now Brother Bones is back to cut a swathe of destruction through his first full-length novel!

“Allowing another writer to handle Brother Bones was something I had never imagined,” explains Fortier, the Managing Editor of Airship 27 Production.  “Roman Leary is a talented writer and one of the biggest Brother Bones fans out there.  When he first approached me with idea of writing a Bones novel, I was naturally hesitant.”  Despite his reservations, Fortier let the idea gestate for several days before replying to the enthusiastic writer.  “I knew Roman loved the series and was familiar not only with Brother Bones but his supporting cast as well,” Fortier continues.  “So I took a chance and asked him to send me a detailed outline.”  What the character’s creator received was the plot to, SIX DAYS OF THE DRAGON.  “Roman won me over. The concept was true to the character but envisioned him in an exciting new adventure that was like nothing that had been done before.  I knew instantly Brother Bones fans would love this book.”

Writer Roman Leary and illustrator Rob Moran deliver the gun-blazing thrills in this epic tale of two-fisted action and spine-chilling horror!  “This is a rip-roaring ride through a macabre house of horrors,” says Charles Saunders, author of Imaro and Damballa.


Now available at Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.

And as a $3 downloadable PDF from our website.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Here's a house ad that will be appearing in some future titles announcing our fifth volume of SHERLOCK HOLMES - Consulting Detective ...hopefully out soon.

Captain Ron 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013




In the early 20th Century, German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin pioneered the creation of rigid, lighter-than-air crafts capable of long distance flights.  During World War One they were adapted for military use as long range bombers wreaking havoc upon Great Britain from their lofty positions high above the clouds where fixed-winged fighters could not reach them.  After the war, the Zeppelins became pleasure ships utilized in luxury Trans-Atlantic Flights and highly popular.

The Golden Era of the airship was the 1930s, the same period as that of the pulps and it is no surprise their romantic images would inspire pulp writers of the time. The original monthly, ZEPPELIN STORIES, was produced solely to highlight these magnificent flying machines in exciting, colorful and fast paced adventures.  Now, Airship 27 Productions, itself bearing the image of these high-flying cruisers, launches a brand new series devoted to airships.

“I doubt there could be a more inevitable title for us than this one,” joked Airship 27 Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Even since we started publishing new pulp novels and anthologies, many of our readers would point to our logo and ask when we were going to get around doing a book about airships.”  Fortier states that as much as he was always  keen on the idea, other projects kept taking precedence.  Then a few years ago one of their regular contributors pushed the matter to the foreground.  “Writer Frank Schildiner wrote one day pretty much asking if we were ever going to get to this particular theme as it begged to be done.  I no longer had any legitimate excuse not to tackle the project.  We put out the word and within a few days two of our finest pulp writers answered the call.”

In this debut volume you will thrill to the exploits of Jim Beard’s new hero, Tracer Talbot, as he encounters a mysterious pirate airship and her crew.  While writer I.A. Watson sets off on an aerial adventure aboard an experimental Zeppelin built to explore the skies of an alien dimension.  Each high flying tale is wonderfully illustrated by Pedro Cruz and the book features a stunning cover by award winning artist Mike Fyles with Art Director Rob Davis providing the book’s overall design.

Join us as AIRSHIP 27 – ZEPPELIN STORIES Vol One soars into the stratosphere of the imagination on this, its maiden flight. 

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – New Pulp Fiction for a New Generation!

Available now at Amazon in both hard copy and Kindle.

And as a downloadable PDF at our official website.