Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ROBIN HOOD - Forbidden Legend


In his Robin Hood trilogy; King of Sherwood, Arrow of Justice and Freedom’s Outlaw, I.A. Watson brilliantly re-imagined this classic adventure saga by setting it against England’s actual history.  Much to the delight of fans everywhere, old tales became new with fresh insights into the origins of the legend and its colorful characters.  Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to bring you this Special Fourth Volume as a bonus finale to that trilogy.

“After we’d published the last book of Ian Watson’s trilogy, we thought that was the end of our adventures with this great character,” explains Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Then late last year, Ian made mention that he had a bunch of short stories and essays still in his files and would we be at all interested in looking at them.  Upon inspection, we knew immediately we had enough great material for yet another book.  Talk about an early Christmas gift.”

In this volume you will find a handful of short stories published here for the very first time; maps of England and Robin Hood’s London plus more of the author’s in-depth essays on his critically acclaimed series and a Robin Hood comic strip illustrated by Pulp Factory Award winner, Artist Rob Davis.

Robin Hood – Forbidden Legend also denotes the release of new, re-edited editions of all three previous titles; each now accompanied by period maps relevant to each chapter in this glorious series.  Robin Hood and his Merry Men, heroes for all ages!  Features a cover by Jesus Rodriguez and interior illustrations by Pulp Factory Award winning artist, Rob Davis.


Available now at Amazon in hard copy and soon on Kindle.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014



Airship 27 Productions locks all the doors and dims the lights as it prepares a deliciously twisted Halloween reading treat for pulp fans everywhere reviving a truly bizarre character. From the pages of the classic pulps comes the most frightening avenger of them all, the Purple Scar! 

The handsome, debonair Dr. Miles Murdoch was a world famous plastic surgeon.  His life was the stuff of dreams until it all turned into a heart-wrenching nightmare.   Murdoch’s brother, a dedicated police officer, is brutally gunned down while on patrol.  Before dumping his body into the river, his murderers pour acid over his face as a final act of contempt.  When the body washes ashore days later, Officer Murdoch’s face is beyond recognition, a scarred, purple visage unlike any horror ever imagined.

It is the sight of this death grimace that transforms Miles Murdoch into an avenging angel.  Vowing to bring justice to those responsible, the skilled surgeon molds a pliable rubber mask from that repulsive, mutilated face; a mask he dons to become the Purple Scar, the scourge of crooks and villains everywhere.  He has become the physical embodiment of their worst fears brought to fiendish life.

“The first time I learned of this character, I was bowled over by the horror aspects,” confesses Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “There have been other grim pulp avenger, but none of them can hold a candle to the Purple Scar.  This guy is just outright scary as hell.  Which is just the slant we wanted our writers to take.”

Airship 27 now presents four brand new adventures of the creepiest pulp hero of them all, the Purple Scar!  Jim Beard, Jonathan Fisher, Gary Lovisi and Gene Moyers have all stirred the witches cauldron deep to brew up a quartet of frightening mayhem as only the Purple Scar can deliver.  Add the beautifully grotesque art style of Richard Serrao, Shannon Hall’s amazing cover coloring and Rob Davis’s spooky design motif and you have a new kind of pulp thriller unlike anything ever seen.

Beware the shadows and dark alleys, the black cats and dancing skeletons as Airship 27 whips up a real Trick or Treat pulp chiller.


Available at Amazon in both hard copy and on Kindle.


Saturday, October 11, 2014



Story by Ron Fortier
Arty by Gary Kato

When Jamie Ryan and his friend Kristi LeClerc discover a strange pair of goggles in the library one day, it allows them to see their neighbors in a whole new way.  Somehow there is magic in those colored lens that can penetrate to the heart’s true desire.

A whimsical tale of dreams, imagination and longings from two veteran craftsmen in this, their first ever children’s book.

Edited and designed by Rob Davis.

An Airship 27 Production

Available from Amazon in hard copy and on Kindle.



Several decades past, writer Michael Vance wrote a comic book mini-series based on the exploits of Jules Verne's legendary character Captain Nemo.  The story detailed the early adventures of a young man as his adventures began to mature him into the person we meet by the time of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The artist on that series was our own Art Director Rob Davis.

Now, Michael Vance has adapted that comic series into a high octane pulp novel called - YOUNG NEMO & THE BLACK KNIGHTS.  The book is in production and Rob, in conjunction with digital colorist Shane Evans, will be providing the cover for this amazing book.  These are his pencils.  The book's interior illustrations were provided by Chuck Bordell.

Coming from Airship 27 Productions.  Bet you can hardly wait.
Captain Ron -

Thursday, October 9, 2014


One of the premier American illustrators is coming to Airship 27 Productions.  Bret Blevins, known for his extensive comics resume will be illustrating and painting the cover to the first ever full-length Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery novel, Return of the Dugpa, written by Micah Harris.

Blevins became a professional comic book artist in the early 1980s. During that time, Blevins drew adaptations of films such as The Dark Crystal and and The Last Starfighter, both for Marvel Comics.  Blevins was a guest artist on a number of titles before becoming the regular artist of the highly acclaimed The Bozz Chronicles which was published under Marvel's creator-owned Epic Comics imprint.
Blevins first regular job on a superhero comic was on the 1987 revival of Strange Tales, an anthology that featured two ongoing features produced by two different creative teams; Cloak and Dagger by Blevins, and Doctor Srange. That same year, Blevins became the regular penciler on New Mutants. Blevins drew the majority of issues from #55 to #83. Blevins later became the regular artist on Sleepwalker.
He then began to work primarily on comic books produced by DC Comics, especially Batman comics.
In 1996, Blevins moved into the field of television animation. He primarily drew storyboards for Warner-Brothers produced cartoons such as Superman, The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond, and the Justice League. Blevins won two Emmy Awards for his storyboard contributions to some of those shows.
Blevins has recently stopped regularly drawing storyboards will be returning to comics with new projects in 2015.
“When this opportunity arose to enlist such a super star artist, we fell over each other to make it happen,” says Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor.  “Both Art Director Rob Davis and myself have been huge fans of Bret’s work and are thrilled to be working with him on this project.”
Blevins has done nine black and white interior illustrations and is now in the process of painting the cover.  Airship 27 hopes to have the book available shortly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

THE BAT PHANTOM - Confederacy of Devils

A Confederacy of Devils

Airship 27 Production announces the release Chuck Miller’s newest pulp thriller, The Bay Phantom – Confederacy of Devils. 

Mobile Alabama in the early 1920s is a hot-house of history, tradition, political corruption and racial bigotry.  Amidst this landscape of both grandeur and depravity arises a new avenger to battle the forces of evil and injustice.  He is the mysterious Bay Phantom, a dark clad warrior willing to mete out justice with his blazing .45s.  But beneath this flamboyant mask is the often inept, na├»ve Joseph Perrone, heir to a commercial fisheries empire. 

Perrone’s one amazing asset is his partner, the beautiful Mirabelle Darcy, a young black woman with the ninth highest I.Q. in the world.  An engineering genius, it is Mirabelle who provides Perrone with the guidance to see him through the deadly and macabre challenges that await them.  A secret Crime Lord is attempting to take over the city and has unleashed a blood-thirsty Werewolf and a bizarre assassin known as the Black Embalmer to carry out his insidious plans.

Now it is up to Mirabelle and the Bay Phantom to save their city with the help of an Austrian doctor named Sigmund Freud.  And that’s only the beginning!

“Chuck Miller possesses one of the most unique literary voices in New Pulp today,” declaires Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “I defy anyone to show me something he has written that is not original, quirky and just plain weird in a totally fun kind of way.”

Miller was born in Ohio, lived in Alabama for many years, and now resides in Norman, Oklahoma. His interests include monster movies, comic books, music and writing. He holds a BA in creative writing from the University of South Alabama.  Miller received the BEST NEW WRITER OF 2011 Award from Pulp Ark. His first novel, the critically acclaimed "Creeping Dawn: The Rise of the Black Centipede" was published in 2011. He is currently working on a new Sherlock Holmes novel for Airship 27.

Art for The Bay Phantom – Confederacy was provided by Zachary Brunner, both moody interior illustrations and the stunning painted cover.  The book was designed by Art Director Rob Davis.

Says bestselling adventure fantasy author, Charles Saunders, “Move over Shadow – there’s a new cloak on the block.”

Now available in hard copy…

 and on Kindle from Amazon.


Sunday, October 5, 2014


In the past three years British writer I.A. Watson has entertained readers around the world with his bold retelling of the Robin Hood legend via his trilogy form Airship 27 Productions.

Now, very soon, we will be releasing the a special Bonus Fourth volume fans of the trilogy are not going to want to miss.
ROBIN HOOD - FORBIDDEN LEGEND.  Here's a peek at the back cover.

Captain Ron

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Chuck Miller's new pulp hero, The Bay Phantom arrives with our next title in his first adventure, Confederacy of Devils.  Cover art and interiors illustrations by Zachary Brunner.

Stay tuned, this one is something new.
Captain Ron