Thursday, February 4, 2016



Airship 27 Productions is damn happy to announce the release of writer B. Chris Bell’s newest collection of Bagman stories.  Sure to be welcome news to all our Chicago based pulp fans as that is the character’s home base in the 30s.

A new gang boss is taking over the meat-packing district of Chicago and his tools are murder and intimidation.  He calls himself the Butcher and the trail of death and destruction he leaves in his wake is a testament to that moniker. Now it will take all of the Bagman’s skills and know-how to unmask this savage foe and save the streets of the Windy City from a new and bloody gang war.

Writer B. Chris Bell unleashes a trio of brand new adventures featuring his sarcastic 1930’s hero who wears a burlap sack over his head and fights for his neighborhood streets. Added to this volume’s roster is a mystery involving the kidnapping of newsboys and in a third story, Bagman’s trusted ally and driver, Crankshaft, is featured in a solo short.

Canadian artist Art Cooper, joins Airship 27 Productions for the first time with his wonderful black and white illustrations.  Cooper has a Jack Kirby style of drawing that is perfectly suited to the pulps.  Art Director Rob Davis provides the cover logo and composition with final art painting by New Zealand’s own Shane Evans giving the book a truly international creative team.

Here is pulp action in a truly unique style starring one of the most original new pulp stars ever put to paper, the Bagman!

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

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Monday, January 18, 2016



Airship 27 Productions is pleased to announce the release of its first title of 2016; a gripping crime thriller by two of the finest new pulp writers in the business, R.A. Jones and Michael Vance.

1935 Detroit, the city is in the midst of a heat wave when a beautiful white woman is brutally raped and murdered setting off a powder keg. The chief suspect is a recently paroled black man. Fearing for his life, he goes into hiding only to discover that the victim’s father, a rich financier, has put a bounty on his head; one million dollars for his the apprehension; dead or alive.

Standing between the fugitive and a lynching mob are detectives Michael Yellowstone, an Osage Indian and his partner, Lt. Jack Hill. Yellowstone is determined to find King and bring him in alive. What he does know is that Hill has a totally different goal in mind.

“Today’s pulp readers love mystery and crime stories,” claims Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “For the past several years, many have approached us at conventions looking specifically for these kinds of stories.  So, when Jones and Vance offered us this truly original, fast paced crime thriller, it was a no brainer. Honestly, I wish someone would make a film of this book. It’s that suspenseful…and timely.”

Mexican artist Jesus Hernandez Rodriguez provides both the cover and black and white interior illustrations for this gripping novel with Award Winning artist Rob Davis providing the book design.

Michael Vance and R.A. Jones offer up a tense, suspenseful thriller that explodes across the pages and money hungry citizens are transformed into blood thirsty hunters in the biggest manhunt of them all.


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Thursday, December 31, 2015



Airship 27 Productions proudly presents BASS REEVES – FRONTIER LAWMAN, a fictional anthology inspired by the life of a real Oklahoma U.S. Deputy Marshal.

He began his life as a slave. During the Civil War he escaped and lived among the Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes in the Oklahoma Territories. He learned to ride, shoot and track prey from his adopted people. When the war ended, he was recruited as one of the first black deputy marshals in the history of the west.

In a thirty year career, operating under the authority of Judge Parker out of Fort Smith, he captured over three thousand outlaws, was involved in fourteen major gun battles and never wounded once.  At the ended of his career, he became a Deputy Sheriff in Tuskegee until his death at the age of 70.  He is considered the greatest western lawman that ever lived.

“The greatest lawman you never heard of,” states Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Shamefully because of the color of his skin, Bass Reeves’ exploits were purposely left out of the history books. While we were being taught about the white lawmen of the times such as Wyatt Earp and Wild Bill Hickock, prejudicial teachers did their best to bury the stories of the hundreds of black pioneers who worked, sweated and died to settle the western territories. Brave black cowboys, Buffalo Soldiers and heroes of justice like Bass Reeves; determined to bring law and order to the Wild West.”

Now writers Gary Phillips, Mel Odom, Andrew Salmon and Derrick Ferguson have whipped up four action packed adventures inspired by this legendary figure. Tales of a wild frontier where outlaws and renegades roamed freely until the coming of one amazing man who wore a badge and vowed to bring justice to one and all. He was Bass Reeves – Frontier Marshal.


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Monday, December 28, 2015


We are happy to announce that LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION, the giant benefit anthology for Tommy Hancock is now available from Amazon for Kindle at link below.

It retails for $10.99

Captain Ron

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Proudly Presents

Earlier in the year we learned that New Pulp writer/editor/publisher Tommy Hancock was suffering from congestive heart-failure.  A relatively young family man, this was a dangerous condition that threatened not only Tommy but his entire family.  Almost immediately after this news was made public, several members of the New Pulp community began putting their heads together to see if anything could be done to help the Hancocks.

“Jaime Ramos proposed the idea of doing a benefit anthology,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “It was such a great idea, I realized it needed to get done and we began planning such a project.” The first thing Fortier did was bring aboard his partner in Airship 27, Art Director Rob Davis. “There was no way this was going to fly without Rob handling the book’s overall artwork and design.”  Fortier then went to Hancock and informed him of their plans. With Hancock’s blessings, he then posted an ad on Facebook explaining the project and seeking submissions from both writers and artists.  “It was always our intention to do this as a traditional pulp tome and thus artwork would be a major element in the final product.”

Much to Fortier’s surprise, and delight, the first creator to volunteer his assistance was Douglas Klauba, one of the finest artists in the field.  Klauba volunteered to paint the anthology’s cover once the book was assembled.  “Honestly,” Fortier confesses, “I was in shock. Doug is an amazing artist and his offering to do the cover was very much an omen that we were about to put together something truly unique.”

Within 48 hours after posting his recruiting ad, Fortier had received 57 commitments by New Pulp writers while 36 artists in the field signed on to do the illustrations.  Amongst these creators were some of the most popular New Pulp writers and artists in the field. In fact, getting so many promised stories in just two days, Fortier begrudgingly realized he and his associates were being handed a giant book and he publicly closed the admission call.  “It was crazy,” he recalls.  “Fifty-seven stories in just two days!  Of course there were naysayers who warned me we’d never get all of them.  They were right, we got 62 instead.”

And so the project began with Fortier reading each entry and then assigning it to an artist to illustrate.  Each tale features one black and white illustration.  Ramos acted as his assistant editor proofing teach story after Fortier with them.  Then, months into the project, Ramos, who suffers from diabetes, found his own health in jeopardy and after having handled half the stories, was forced to sideline himself.  What looked to be a major set-back was averted with writer/editor Todd Jones, a protégé of Fortier’s, volunteered to take on the task of finishing the proofing.

And so, after months of ups and downs. Airship 27 Productions is extremely proudly to present LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION.  A giant treasure chest of some of the finest New Pulp fiction ever produced in an 830 page collection.  Representing the varied genres of pulp tradition, this volume features tales of horror, mystery, horror, suspense, pirates, fantasy, private eyes, crime-busting avengers and westerns to name a few.
“Rob and I kidded during the long months of production that we had everything pulp save for a romance story,” quips Fortier.  “Then in the final days of story submissions, we were sent a romance.  No lie!”

LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION is now available at in both hard copy and on Kindle.  All profits earned by this amazing book are going to Tommy Hancock and his family.  Sure to become a valued collector’s item, LEGENDS OF NEW PULP FICTION is a one of a kind title pulp fans young and old, will cherish in years to come.


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Thursday, December 17, 2015


DAMBALLA – Several years ago Airship 27 made pulp history with Charles Saunders’ book DAMBALLA, featuring the first ever 1930s black avenger.  Now Radio Archives bring it to audio life thanks to narrator Calvin Worthen.  (



Just in time for Christmas, Airship 27 Productions and Radio Archives announce the release of two more pulp audio adventures.

JIM ANTHONY SUPER DETECTIVE Vol One featuring tales by Andrew Salmon, B.C. Bell and Erwin K. Roberts

(,+Andrew+Salmon,+B.+C.+Bell as read by Bob Kern.)

And our second Sherlock Holmes title to come to audio, Gary Lovisi’s SHERLOCK HOLMES – THE BARON’S REVENGE, read by George Kuch.