Thursday, March 26, 2015

Domino Lady is coming!!

Domino Lady, the sexiest pulp avenger of them all is coming your way soon from Airship 27 Productions. Here's a sneak-peek at one of the 12 amazing interior illustrations turned in by artist James Lyle.

This book is going to be HOT!!
Captain Ron

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Later this year we hope to publish a new crime thriller by R.A. Jones and Michael Vance.  Here's a preliminary rendering of what the cover is going to look like by artist Jesus Rodriguez.

Captain Ron

Thursday, March 12, 2015

SNAKE - Nest of Vipers


Airship 27 Productions is proud to present the latest pulp thriller by Oklahoma based, award winning writer, Michael Vance: SNAKE : NEST OF VIPERS!

In the last few years of World War II, a group of brave Germans who opposed Hitler and his Third Reich orchestrated an underground movement that worked from within to defeat the Nazis.  These brave men and women were constantly at risk being hunted by the ruthless Gestapo.  Their fate, if captured, was agonizing torture and death.  Still they struggled on.

Six years later, in the back alleys of New York’s Bowery district, a mysterious masked avenger calling herself the Snake appears.  She recruits denizens of the street to be her agents and begins a ruthless campaign against organized crime.  Who is she and what is her connection to the events in Berlin prior to the collapse of the Third Reich?

“Michael Vance is one of the finest genre writers working today,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “His Weird Horror Tales trilogy received critical acclaim and last year we published his YOUNG NEMO & THE BLACK KNIGHTS, a novelization of his own comicbook series.  This time he has uncovered a lost comicbook nugget and what he has done with it is going to excite a whole lot of people.”

Based on a six-page synopsis by legendary comics writer, Richard Hughes, author Michael Vance has woven a thrilling, fast paced adventure that will keep readers guessing and on the edge of their seats from start to finish.  You’ve never met a character like the Snake.  She’s sexy.  She maybe crazy.  But she is most of all, deadly!

SNAKE : NEST OF VIPERS features a stunning cover by comicbook and pin-up star, Ted Hammond with interior illustrations by newcomer Greg Keyzer with book design by Rob Davis.


Available now at Amazon and soon on Kindle.


Thursday, March 5, 2015


Later this year we've a pirate queen novel coming your way by Nancy Hansen.  Terry Pavlet has signed on to do the cover and here's a peek at his first pencil roughs.  Going to be very, very cool.
Captain Ron

Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Airship 27 Productions presents a vampire thriller by new pulp writer Jack Beddows.

The Shadow of Her Smile, is an old fashion erotic thriller,” declared Airship 27 Production’s Manager Ron Fortier.  “It has all the moody atmosphere of those old classic horror novels long since forgotten.  While reading it for the first time, I kept envisioning the black and white Universal classic, Dracula’s Daughter.  The female vampire Beddows has envisioned here is a deadly beauty no reader will soon forget.”

It is 1914, on the eve of the Great War, young 19 yr old Abraham Helmsworth, the only son of a royal British family, is about to embark on what he believes to be a noble adventure.  He has enlisted in the army as a commissioned officer and is soon to sail for France with his troops.  He has also become engaged to the lovely Agatha Fenton, his childhood sweetheart who has promised to wait for his return to marry.

Then, a few days before shipping out, Abraham attends a musical show and meets Lucilla Deauville, a stunning beauty who instantly mesmerizes him.  He has never been so attracted to a woman in such a visceral way.  Weeks later, he encounters her again but this time on a bloody battlefield.  With this encounter he learns the dark secret she hides in the shadow of her smile.  It is a secret that will lead him through the gates of a living hell from which there is no escape.

All art of The Shadow of Her Smile is provided by Adam Shaw from his stunning cover to the nine creepy black and white interiors with book design by Airship 27 Art Director Rob Davis.

Available now at Create Space and soon on Amazon in both hard copy & Kindle.

Friday, February 13, 2015



Airship 27 Productions, a leading publisher of New Pulp fiction is thrilled to announced the release of the seventh volume in its bestselling mystery series, “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting.”

A thick fog envelopes the streets of London and nefarious agents set about their evil plots and schemes.  Murder most foul rears its ugly head and baffling mysterious confound the good men of Scotland Yard until they’ve no recourse by to call upon the greatest Consulting Detective of them all, Sherlock Holmes of 221 B Baker Street.

“One of the reasons this series has done so well for us,” explains Airship 27 Productions’ co-founder and Managing Editor, Ron Fortier, “is that we offer readers no-frills, straight up mysteries done in the Conan Doyle style.  There are no fantasy elements in these adventures.  No Martian invaders, no vampires or other such nonsensical elements.  Simply old fashion puzzles that the Great Detective must solve with his brilliant intellect and powers of observations.  All, of course, narrated by his loyal friend, Dr. Watson.”

In this seventh volume of the series, Holmes and Watson, set out to solve four brand new cases, each a unique challenge unlike any they’ve encountered before.  From confronting the legendary Spring-Heel Jack to battling a fictional foe become real, Holmes and Watson will have to employ all their considerable talents to unravel these complex and insidious crimes.

Writers I.A. Watson, Aaron Smith, Alan J. Porter and Greg Hatcher have offered up a quartet of intriguing mysteries that will challenge even the most ardent readers as they attempt to match wits with Arthur Conan Doyle’s ageless hero, Sherlock Holmes!

The book features a wonderful painted cover by Michael Youngblood that pays tribute to the late British actor, Jeremy Brett, and twelve stunning black and white interior illustrations by award winning artist, Rob Davis.  It is a truly fitting addition to this critically successful series.


Available now at in hardcopy and soon on Kindle.


Thursday, February 12, 2015


One of the new titles we are extremely excited to bring this year is - RICK LAI'S MAJOR SABBATH.

Pulp writer/historian, Rick Lai loves his spaghetti westerns and when he approached us about doing a new anthology featuring a character amalgamation of the roles portrayed by the late actor Lee Van Cleef, we jumped at the opportunity.

Thus was born Major Sabbath.  Here's a little peek at the cover in progress by super artist Pat Carabjal.  Enjoy.