Friday, December 5, 2014


Private Eye Rick Ruby and his pal, Broomstick, talk things over in a scene from a story I wrote for THE RUBY FILES Vol 2.
Illustration by the amazing Nik Powliko.

Look for the book some time next year.
Captain Ron

Wednesday, December 3, 2014




Airship 27 Productions 26th release of the year is the first volume in a brand new pulp series, “Occult Detectives.”

They battle demons and monsters, hunt ghosts and defend us against the things that go bump in the night.  They are Occult Detectives and they’ve been a staple of pulp fiction since the beginning of those glorious, garish magazines.  Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to bring you a quartet of tales starring some of the most unique Occult Detectives ever created; three newly minted heroes and one classic master of mysticism.

From the days of the Wild West, Joel Jenkins offers up his Indian Shaman hero, Lone Crow.  Then we have Josh Reynold’s colorful Charles St. Cyprian, the Queen’s own Royal Occultist, followed by Jim Beard’s Sgt. Janus, the Spirit Breaker.  And we culminate with a little known pulp classic figure, Ravenwood; the Stepson of Mystery as chronicled by Ron Fortier.

“The idea for this collection came from Josh Reynolds,” reports Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “The idea of bringing together, in one book, some of the most exciting new pulp characters in print today appealed to me immediately; especially if our line up included such popular heroes as Lone Crow, Charles St. Cyprian and Sgt. Janus.  Since their appearance, each of has won over a loyal following of readers.  But that still left us with one empty slot and that became the opportunity I jumped on instantly.”

Seven years ago, Fortier and Airship 27 Productions Art Director Rob Davis, had produced an adult horror graphic novel entitled, “Daughter of Dracula,” that received rave reviews upon its release from Redbud Studio and is still one of that company’s biggest sellers.  Fortier had long wanted to do was write a sequel that would answer some of the questions posed by many of the comic’s readers.  In particular, “What happened to the main character after the events in the story?”  Now, this anthology offered him that stage combined with the added bonus of allowing him to write a character that was one of his favorites.  “Ravenwood – Stepson of Mystery is such a cool, occult detective and I was itching to get my creative mitts on him,” Fortier confesses.  “This is a story I’ve waited a long, long time to tell.”

The book features interior illustrations by Davis and a cover, colored by Jesus Rodriguez, that spotlights all of the heroes together in a setting outside of space and time.

Get ready to take on possessed gunfighters, eerie mesmerizing spirits, a bewitching temptress and a legion of the undead as these four brand new tales usher you into  thrilling adventures beyond the realm of the ordinary; your guides….the Occult Detectives.


The book is now Available at and will soon be out on Kindle.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

YOUNG NEMO is # 100!



Airship 27 Productions presents a new novel by award winning writer/editor, Michael Vance that explores the origins of one of literatures greatest fictional characters; Captain Nemo.

In 1870, French science fiction author Jules Verne published “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” and introduced to the world to Captain Nemo, commander of the world’s first submarine, the Nautilus.  But what of Nemo’s origin? 

He was an Indian whose title and name at birth were Prince Rajesh Dakkar, son of the Rajah, or King, of the then independent territory of Bundelkund.  His father hired a teacher whose own reputation for wisdom would spread across the nation. His name was Indra Singh, and his principal purpose was to mentor Rajesh and to secure the best tutors and materials for the instruction of his student.

But book learning within the confines of palace walls was not enough for the young prince.  He longed for adventure and at the age of eighteen purchased a 150 ton brig with square rigged sails, dramatically modified and improved the efficiency of the craft.  He set out to conquer the world leading an international crew of rogues and thieves soon to be called the Black Knights.

Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier, explains the story behind this incredible book.  “Back in the 1980s, Michael Vance wrote a comic book mini-series entitled, THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG NEMO, which was illustrated by our own Art Director Rob Davis.  When he suggested the possibility of adapting that series into a novel, all of us knew it was a great idea and he’s proven us right.”

Davis, along with colorist Shane Evans provides the cover and design of the book with interior illustrations by artist Chuck Bordell.


Available from Amazon in hard copy and soon on Kindle.



Begun ten years ago by writer Ron Fortier and artist Rob Davis, Airship 27 Productions has been a leading pioneer in the New Pulp field and continues to work towards keeping the history of American Pulps alive by promoting events and activities that shine a light on this unique part of American literary heritage. 

“Our success is due to our amazing writers and artists,” Fortier and Davis declare with unabashed praise.  “And to all our readers who have unselfishly supported us on this amazing journey we offer our heartfelt thanks and promise our next one hundred titles are going to raise the bar even higher on the quality of art and stories. Stay tuned, pulp fans, the Airship 27 is climbing to all new heights.”

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guess Who?

Harry Houdini meets Bram Stoker in a story by Jim Beard which will appear in our forthcoming anthology - THE AMAZING HARRY HOUDINI.

Art by Pedro Cruz.
Stay tuned,
Captain Ron

Wednesday, November 19, 2014



Airship 27 Productions is excited to announce the release of the fourth volume in their best-selling fantasy adventure series, SINBAD – The New Voyages.

They are the most daring, courageous, fool hardy crew ever assembled under one flag. Chief among them are Henri Delacrois, the French archer, Ralf Gunarson, the blonde Viking giant, the lovely but deadly female Samurai  Tishimi Osara, Omar the cantankerous first mate and Haroun, the eagle-eyed youth who mans the towering crow’s nest of the magnificent Blue Nymph.  All pledged to follow their captain, the most famous seagoing adventurer of all time, Sinbad El Ari.

Now they return in four brand new fantasy tales by Joe Bonadonna, Ralph L. Angelo, Jeff Fournier and I.A. Watson.  Thrills and danger await on colorful exotic shores as the crew of the Blue Nymph search for the Golden Fleece, battle a Scorpion God and Sinbad alone must defeat an evil djin in a game of chess for the life of a beautiful princess.  Here are epic tales worthy of this legendary hero, Sinbad the Sailor!

“It is clear our readers can’t get enough of this character,” declares Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “The minute we release a new title there is already a demand for more and we are only too happy to oblige our Sinbad fans.”  Volume 4 is illustrated by a fantastic new artist, Phil Cho, and sports a gorgeous cover by the amazing Pat Carabjal.  All wrapped in the design genius of Art Director Rob Davis.

If you have a fantasy fan in your family, this is the series you need to introduce them to.


Available now at Amazon in hard copy and on Kindle.


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Ever wonder what Jules Verne's famous fictional character, Captain Nemo, was like as a young man before we find him in in the novel, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," ?

Well writer Michael Vance answers that question shortly in his new novel, "Young Nemo and the Black Knights."  Here's the cover as done by Rob Davis and Shane Evans.

Coming soon, pulp fans.
Captain Ron

Friday, November 7, 2014


Get ready for some great pulp creepiness with OCCULT DETECIVES vol one - here's a sneak-peek at the back cover.
Captain Ron