Friday, January 24, 2014

Back Cover Peek

Last year, Rob Davis and I attended the Oklahoma Fiction Writers' Conference were we put on several presentations on how to write and draw graphic novels.  We had a great time and it is really a wonderful conference.

While at the conference we met a writer, Peggy Chambers, who was really intrigued with the entire New Pulp Movement and kept in touch with us after the show.  Eventually she submitted a truly unique, wild, wacky sci-fi adventure called THE APOCALYPSE SUCKS.

Sincerely, it was like nothing I'd ever read before and I loved it.  Enough to accept it for publication. The manuscript is now undergoing final proofing, all nine interiors have been turned in by the amazing Zachary Brunner and we are awaiting a cover from the equally talented Andy Fish.

So, Loyal Airmen, get ready from something truly new and bizarre for our next release.  Trust me, it won't disappoint you.
Captain Ron

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