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Airship 27 Productions delves into the world of fantasy adventure with an action packed novel set in the days of the Russian empire building.

For generations, the freedom loving Cossacks battled their enemies; the Ottoman Turks and Crimean Tartars for the supremacy of the rugged Steppes.  Frustrated by the constant raids of these reckless, horse-riding warriors, Constantinople prepares a major campaign that will end the Cossacks and their way of life forever.

Realizing they are severely outnumbered against such a Turkish reprisal, the Cossack Headsman seeks out the sorcerer Alexsandr with a bold scheme.  He wants to Alexsandr to enter the realms of magic and enlist the aid of magical creatures of Slavic myth as allies. With the help of his friend, Commander Marko and the battled hardened Bohun, the wizard must summon all his skills, both martial and arcane, to fulfill his sacred mission and in doing so save his people.

“When I first read the manuscript, I was very excited,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “There seems to be very little interests these days in classic adventure tales.  This marvelous book is the exception we’ve been waiting for.”

In the grand tradition of Robert E. Howard and Harold Lamb, writer Riley Hogan spins a tale of tested comrades about to risk all in a dangerous quest that, if they survive, could lead to the greatest victory in Cossack history.

Cover and interior illustrations were created by award-winning graphic artist, James Conahan, the author’s cousin thus making “AS TARTARY BURNS” a true family affair. Book design was provided by Art Director Rob Davis.


Now available at Amazon and on Kindle.

Also as a $3 PDF download at our website.

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