Friday, July 1, 2016



For the past few months Airship 27 Productions has been putting together a very special novel, HOLMES & HOUDINI by award winning author, I.A. Watson.  It was our goal to have this exciting adventure book out and available at Pulpfest 2016.  Art Director Rob Davis provided the black and white interior illustrations while well known artist Chad Hardin signed on to do the cover.

Then unavoidable events made it impossible for Hardin to meet our deadline and it seemed we would not have the book on our tables for the show.  After putting our heads together, Rob and I decided to turn this disappointment into a very unique opportunity for our loyal fans.  Rob is going to do his own cover for the book, but it will not be sold to the general public.  Rather, once the book is assembled, we will print 15 copies and no more.  These 15 are being done for Pulpfest and that will be the only place you can buy one.

Rob’s cover will not be revealed or publicized and only Pulpfest attendees will get to see it.

Once Chad Hardin’s official cover is turned in, we will go back to the printers and officially publish the book making it available through all our usual sources, via Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.  Whatever remains of the unsold 15 will either be destroyed or auctioned off for charity.  But again, they will only be available at Pulpfest and once the 15 are gone, that’s it.

Airship 27 Productions has enjoyed its association with Pulpfest from day one and we hope producing this one of a kind collector’s edition of HOLMES & HOUDINI by I.A. Watson will provide some added excitement to this year’s show.

Ron Fortier
Managing Editor
Airship 27 Productions

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