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Airship 27 Productions is proud to announce the release of its third children’s book series starring Barry Baskerville; the boy who idolizes Sherlock Holmes.  “Barry Baskerville Traps a Thief,” is the third installment in this bestselling series from one of the premier publishers of New Pulp Fiction. Written by Prof. Richard Kellogg, the character’s creator and avowed Sherlock Holmes enthusiast with colorful artwork by Hawaiian based graphic artist, Gary Kato.

The series debut in 2013 with “Barry Baskerville Solves a Case” and was an immediate favorite amongst both teachers and Sherlock Holmes fans. It went on to receive wonderful reviews lauding the educational aspects of the book. The following year saw the release of book two, “Barry Baskerville Returns,” and it was also praised by parents and teachers alike.

“Prof. Kellogg tells engaging stories that challenge his young readers,” says Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Not only are they entertained by Barry’s crime solving antics, but along the way taught the importance of logic and reasoning. It is this win-win combination that have made the books so popular. We are extremely excited to be releasing the third adventures.

In “Barry Baskerville Traps a Thief,” the young boy detective has to solve the mystery of who is stealing items from people’s front porches in his neighborhood. With the help of his parents and the local police, young Barry begins gathering clues and energetically follows them to unmask the culprit.  “Along with Prof. Kellogg’s whimsical tale,” adds Fortier, “we have a book full of beautiful, colored illustrations by an industry pro in Gary Kato. Fans of the series will not want to miss this new entry.”

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