Saturday, January 10, 2015



The crew of Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the start of a brand new hour long podcast devoted to the world of New Pulp Fiction. It will be titled, “ZONE 4 presents AIRSHIP 27,” as the show will be part of the Zone 4 family of podcast currently sponsored by the Comic Related website.

Brant Fowler, the creator/engineer/host of the long running Zone 4 made the announcement in a special segment just released.  The new pulp-related hour long show will be hosted by the creative team behind the popular new pulp publisher, Managing Editor Ron Fortier and Art Director Rob Davis.  No stranger to podcasts, Fortier has been a regular host on Zone 4 for the past two years and a semi-regular on PULPED, created and produced by Tommy Hancock.

“This just seemed like the next step for us,” Fortier admitted happily.  “When Brant brought up the idea, both of us jumped at the chance.  Rob and I want to make the once a month show an informal, fun place to share current news on what is happening in the world of New Pulp Fiction.  So, although the program will bear our company name, rest assured we’ll be discussing what is happening, going on and coming out from all the new pulp publishers out there.”  Davis has even suggested the possibility of having guest on from time to time.

The show will post the second week of each month and be available via the Comic Related website and on I-tunes; links to each episode will also appear on the company’s Facebook Page.  Adds Fortier, “One of the things we’ve love to do with the show is use is as a platform to answer questions from our many fans out there; the Loyal Airmen who support and buy our books.  All people have to do is send their questions to either myself and Rob and we’ll make it special part each show to answer them.”


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