Monday, October 21, 2013


Week after week I keep telling folks to sign up and visit this blog on a regular basis as every now and then I will be posting sneak looks at up and coming art for out titles.

So 15 of you are signed up and today you get to see the painted cover (sans logo) of our new anthology THE CRIMSON MASK, which will hopefully debut by the end of this current week.  At which time I will post the official Press Release and completed cover with the logo etc.

But for now enjoy artist Andy Fish's totally AWESOME piece.  It blew us away and we think you'll agree.  Note, please do not share this image, it is a gift to you for being a follower of this blog.

Thanks ever, Captain Ron


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  2. Thanks, Ron (and Rob)! This one looks to be a winner!

  3. Thank you for the great proofing job, Ray. Oh yeah, we're anxious to show this one to the pulp world.