Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Airship 27 Productions is once again teaming with Redbud Studio to produce the third volume of its award winning comic series, ALL STAR PULP COMICS.

And we are looking for submissions.  We are not looking for manuscripts but completed strips. Each much be 8 pages, black and white (grayscaling is allowed) and feature a public domain pulp hero (or or new).

Writers need to contact Ron Fortier before writing their scripts so that we do not end up with more than one story about any single pulp hero.
Artists must contact Redbud Studio's Rob Davis for the actual page specs etc.  There is no scheduled deadline for this book. When we received enough strips to fill the book, then we'll go to the press.  We don't expect to see this happen until some time in 2014.

Thanks ever, Captain Ron

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